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How to Throw the World’s Best Startup Party 
From promoting to hosting, we’ve gathered tips from the industry’s greatest party planners
A Bio to the Beat of Dave Haynes
Meet Makeshift’s New Head of Business Development
ShedCast: Deborah Rippol on spreading Startup in Europe
As the European Director of UP Global, Rippol has spread startup culture across 120 countries, helping to inspire over 200,000 entrepreneurs
Watch: Data’s Impact on London’s Lyst.com
Quality of data, over quantity of data, is key to accuracy in e-commerce
Meet Matt: He’s turning on the tap at Makeshift
From nightclubs to startup events, Matt Soczywko is a man who knows how to pack a room.
Watch: Improve your business with less than 10 lines of SQL
Find out how Wrangler can make a difference to your business.
Stef Lewandowski: Father, Founder and Full-Time Laser
Makeshift’s Co-Founder Stef inspires our team with creativity, makefulness and by leaving the office early. 
We’re Forcing the Word Entrepreneur Into Extinction
Why I’m NOT calling myself an entrepreneur (for now)
The Data Saloon: YPlan’s Wild Night Out With Data
Watch our 30-minute talk with YPlan’s Data Scientist John Sandall
Meet Makeshift’s Creative Technologist Ollie Glass 
For Mr. Glass, making and marketing web products is a walk in the park.
ShedCast: David Kitchen on the Impact of Communities
How one London entrepreneur turned community into a life-saving career choice
Makeshift’s Co-Founder Nick Marsh is Designing All the Things
From art school to entrepreneur, design is at the heart of everything Nick does.
Coding in the Name Of Tanja Pislar
From musician to Makeshift: A hacker’s journey
Roundin’ Up: Our First Data Saloon
how it all went down
Still Waters Run Deep: Makeshift’s Jase Cooper
From basketball pro and shoe designer to Makeshift’s Zen Master
How to organise your holiday party with Attending.io
Tired of over-complicated event planning platforms? Here’s how to use Attending.io for your holiday party
Meet Makeshift’s Jon Gold: The Driving Force Behind Hire My Friend 
Jon Gold Makes Internet and Designs Apps That Help People Find Jobs They Love
Happy Endings Make for Great Beginnings - Why Email Signatures Matter
Theoretical Tales From The Front Line
Meet Dan Williams: Makeshift’s creative technologist in residence 
From hot air balloon trackers to link sharing software, Makeshift’s hacker Dan Williams is on the cutting edge of code
How the 3beards Grew London’s Silicon Drinkabout into an International Brand
From London to New Yor City, the 3Beards reclaim Friday’s after work hours for “Silicon Drinkabout”
Makeshift Co-Founder Paul Birch on Data + Persistence
Makeshift’s co-founder takes us from his days as an accountant to scoring big with birthday alarm, and starting up at Makeshift 
Magnificent failures, hand made video game cheat books and the absurdity of startups: An interview with Ryan Hoover
Talking shop
Nat Buckley Makes All the Things
Makeshift’s hacker also fixes all the bugs and knows a lot about a boat lift
A Recommended Reading List for Tech Writers
get started writing!
Shedcast #1: Stef on the early days of Makeshift
The first in our series of podcast conversations from our two-story shed at Makeshift (yes you read that right)
Showing your work in progress
Show people early, get feedback, listen