Talking recruitment, and how to fix it.

Hacking the Interview: Part 2
8 more techniques from industrial psychology to make your interviews even better
Hacking the Interview
7 Recommendations from Industrial Psychology
Welcoming more great startups
say hello to the new companies now hiring
Everyone is hiring Javascript devs, no one wants a strategist
What do profile tags and saved searches on Hire my Friend tell us about startup hiring?
New pricing for growing companies
Announcing: Favouriting, hiding and a new UI for companies!
This week’s new batch of companies
great new companies now hiring including Shopify, JustAddRed and Dots
My Friend, Hired
How Daniel hired Yassine to come and work at Omada Health, with a little help from his friends
A Bio to the Beat of Dave Haynes
Meet Makeshift’s New Head of Business Development
My Friend, Hired
How Ed from Memrise hired Alain with a little help from his friends
Recent Profiles
We’ve added a tiny, very useful new feature to Hire my Friend
This week’s amazing new companies on Hire my Friend
Welcoming Skimlinks, Avuba, Osper, Granttree and a stealthy mobile startup
10 amazing new companies hiring on Hire my Friend 
A very Hire my Friendly welcome to Shazam, Crowdshed, Cryptopay, Spleat, Numbrs, Parkopedia, UpMySport, The ODI, IRC Cloud and Mattermark
My Friend. Hired.
How Rayhan hired Joe with a little help from his friends.
My Friend. Hired.
How Harry hired Olly with a little help from his friends
Five Reasons I Work at a Startup
And why you should too
20 years of digital arts leadership. Here’s what I’ve learnt. 
An interview with Sheila McGregor, CEO of Axis
How Asi Sharabi went from PhD dropout to international digital publisher ...
... with a little help from his friends
Meet Matt: He’s turning on the tap at Makeshift
From nightclubs to startup events, Matt Soczywko is a man who knows how to pack a room.
How to get the best new devs on Hire My Friend in your inbox every morning
Just hit subscribe!
Toner Replacement Dude to Tech City Deputy CEO ... with a little help from his friends
An interview with Ben Southworth
Stef Lewandowski: Father, Founder and Full-Time Laser
Makeshift’s Co-Founder Stef inspires our team with creativity, makefulness and by leaving the office early. 
Starting up in Berlin
Negotiating the intersection of really cool and really weird
Passion Capital special: @swipe_to, @futureadlabs, @mixlr, @gocardless & Limejump are hiring!
Announcing: Beautiful new email introductions on Hire my Friend
You, meet your future colleague
Work worth doing: What makes a job amazing?
Hint: Its nothing to do with your office.
Want a job in tech? @waymate, @overheardatmoo, @shutl, @lastfm, @appearhere are hiring!
We got roles to keep you off the dole
Want a job in tech? @projectAcom, @_txtr, @Kent_Lyons, @3_beards, @huddle are hiring!
Want a Startup Job? @taskrabbit @yieldify @ustwo @huddlebuy @seedcamp and @codeclub are hiring!
Meet Makeshift’s Creative Technologist Ollie Glass 
For Mr. Glass, making and marketing web products is a walk in the park.
Want a Startup Job? @lovieawards @twilio @codecademy @stripe and @_txtr are hiring!
Haven’t found your dream job for 2014 yet? Keep looking!
Want a Startup Job? @medium @podio @bigspaceship @StartupInst and @mintdigital are hiring!
New year, new job
How To Get A Job At A Startup
From the front lines of London’s tech scene
Makeshift’s Co-Founder Nick Marsh is Designing All the Things
From art school to entrepreneur, design is at the heart of everything Nick does.
Want A Startup Job? @onefinestay @CitymapperLON @glpLondon @Movellas & @Percolate Are Hiring
All I want for Christmas is a new job!
Coding in the Name Of Tanja Pislar
From musician to Makeshift: A hacker’s journey
Want A Startup Job? @Medium @TheReboot @GoCardless @OverheardAtMoo Are Hiring
9th December - 2013
Still Waters Run Deep: Makeshift’s Jase Cooper
From basketball pro and shoe designer to Makeshift’s Zen Master
“Yore” Hired: How Hiring Has Changed in 150 Years
Modern day recruiting: Takes the cake?
Want A Startup Job? @Artsy @Geckoboard @FutureAdLabs and @Makeshift Are Hiring
2nd December - 2013
Meet Makeshift’s Jon Gold: The Driving Force Behind Hire My Friend 
Jon Gold Makes Internet and Designs Apps That Help People Find Jobs They Love
Want a Startup Job? @Makeshift @Playhaven @Superflux @Moveguides Are Hiring
25th November - 2013
Meet Dan Williams: Makeshift’s creative technologist in residence 
From hot air balloon trackers to link sharing software, Makeshift’s hacker Dan Williams is on the cutting edge of code
Want a Startup Job? ....@Importio @Huddle @EyeEm @Wigwamm @LoyalCX @Huddle Are Hiring
19th November - 2013
Makeshift Co-Founder Paul Birch on Data + Persistence
Makeshift’s co-founder takes us from his days as an accountant to scoring big with birthday alarm, and starting up at Makeshift 
Healthy Team = Productive Team
Step away from the pizza. 
Too Much Hustling? Get Outta Town
4 reasons why your team should take a company retreat
5 Great Startups Hiring This Week
Nat Buckley Makes All the Things
Makeshift’s hacker also fixes all the bugs and knows a lot about a boat lift
5 Great Startups Hiring This Week
31st October - 2013
5 Great Startup Jobs This Week
The best jobs in london, berlin, NYC & beyond 
5 Great Startups Hiring This Week
10th october - 2013
5 Great Startups Hiring This Week
1st october - 2013